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Created for adult transfer students who have work experience and some college credit, or traditional undergraduates with multiple academic interests, the Interdisciplinary Studies program offers Capital students the opportunity to explore multiple academic paths. Students gain skills that enable them to grow in different direction and complete a degree that makes them competitive in a rapidly changing market.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies major (IDS) is for students who have intellectual and professional interests in more than one academic area. This self-designed major inspires students to create their own academic program by selecting courses from two different disciplines. With the guidance of a trusted advisor, students design a program of study that reflects each student’s interests and talents and brings different academic perspectives together. There are three core classes in Interdisciplinary Studies that form the backbone of the major. The first introduces students to Interdisciplinary Study and is where students design their own major. In the second course, students develop a proposal for their senior capstone project and in the third, they research and present findings from the actual project.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • University Professor
  • Sportswriter
  • Public Health Professional
  • Entrepreneur
  • Pre-Law
  • Artist

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Experiential Learning

Students culminate their university experience by engaging in integrative research. They design and complete a senior thesis or capstone project. Interdisciplinary Studies majors can expect the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate foundational skills in reading, writing, oral communication, information literacy, and refinement of critical reflection and thinking
  • Gain ability to demonstrate self-directed, lifelong learning skills.
  • Develop ability to explore complex questions by engaging in interdisciplinary inquiry
  • Develop ability to apply relevant course content in professional settings and work environments
  • Develop ability to conduct applied research methods and engage in appropriate projects
Program Philosophy

The interdisciplinary nature of learning is emphasized through the Interdisciplinary Studies Core courses. Writing and communicating are key components of each core course and are intended to foster critical reflection and thinking. The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major requires a minimum of 48 credits, including 12 credit hours taken from the IDS Core plus 36 credit hours taken in at least two integrated academic disciplines. Capital students are able to integrate their existing knowledge and experience with a second area that extends or enriches it.

Bachelor's Degree Completion

With classes of 10 to 20 students, Capital students are able to connect with faculty and classmates in order to learn and network. Specifically designed for working adults, degree completion majors are flexible and allow students to work at their own pace with a variety of class offerings. Getting back into the classroom can be challenging, but Capital works with each student to ensure success. Adult learners that come to Capital often receive credit for prior education and training. Academic Advisors guide students through the entire process and will help from day one until graduation.

Sample Classes

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Research Methods or Social Science Research Methods
  • Senior Research Project or Capstone Project
“The IDS major is considered a create-your-own major alternative. What I love about it is that it allows me to study both what I love and what I need to know in order to be successful in the future. I am very excited to graduate with a knowledge of two different (Business and English), but very important, fields. I am thankful to work with amazing professors who help me along the way.”

-Rocco Iacobone, Interdisciplinary Studies, Class of 2021

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